Smash Repairer Factoring

How does WCF Smash Repairer Factoring and Invoice Discounting work?

Factoring is simply selling your invoices for a small fee. WCF specialise in Factoring solely for the smash repair industry.

How does WCF Factoring work?

It couldn’t be easier. Simply send us your invoice and the insurance company repair authority. For insurance company invoices accepted for discounting, we pay you up to 100% of the value of the invoice, less our Factoring fee of 1.75%. Minimum fee is $80 per invoice.

The benefit to you

Factoring can immediately release the cash tied up in your unpaid insurance company invoices, giving you the freedom to put the cash to good use. WCF can get you the cash as quickly as just 2 hours* – if you really need it, or by the next business day, which is our standard service. Both of which is a fraction of the time it takes most Banks to act.

(*An additional fee applies for this service. Call us for details)