April 30, 2016

5 Easy Steps

Five easy Steps to Factoring

  • Complete and sign the Registration Form (Form A) available from the Forms page on this web site. Fax it to 02 9968 2564 or email admin@workfinance.com.au. If you need further help - just call us on 02-9132-4452
  • Read the Factoring Agreement (we will send this to you), agree to the terms by signing the Agreement and send it back to us. (You only need to do steps 1 & 2 above, the first time you engage our services)
  • When you have some invoices you would like us to help you with, complete the Factoring Services Schedule (Form B – only 1 form per batch of invoices).
  • Fax copies of the documents from steps 3 above to us 02 9968 2564 or email to invoices@workfinance.com.au
  • You get the cash! WCF can get you the cash as quickly as just 2 hours* – if you really need it, or by the next business day, which is our standard service. Please read ‘Things you should know’ in the ‘What it costs’ section.