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At Working Capital Finance, we specialise in one thing – getting you your money faster! We work with smash repairers around Australia to give you access to money that’s tied up in unpaid invoices and insurance claims.

Simply sell the invoices for your completed repairs to us, get paid immediately and spend the money on the parts and products you need!

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About Our Factoring and Invoice Discounting Company

Working Capital Finance has been in the smash repair factoring and invoice discounting business since 2005. Based in NSW and working with clients across Australia, we help you to get immediate access to money tied up in insurance claims.

Working with panel beaters, mechanics, auto shops, crash repairers and panel paint shops, we inject money back into your business quickly. This gives you the freedom to use it for more important things, like buying parts, finishing jobs and creating repeat customers.

Our process is simple:

Meet Our Invoice Factoring Team

Working Capital Finance, is led by Company founder and owner Kim Jacobs. Kim and his team, are the most experienced and professional invoice discounting advisors in this financial sector.

We can help you access your unpaid insurance repair invoices the very next day or in just a few hours in need.

How Much Do You Charge for Your Services?

Working Capital Finance takes a small percentage or a single flat fee from your invoice and quickly injects the remaining money into your bank account. This lets you buy parts, complete jobs quickly and create repeat customers for your business.

We take the higher of 2% of the invoice or $40 and send you the remainder of the money.

If the invoice is $20,000 or above the cost is only 1.75%.

Have Questions? Contact Us!

Working Capital Finance works with smash repair companies in NSW and all around Australia. To learn more about how we can help, call (02) 9968 2328 or leave us a message online.