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Difference between Invoice Discounting and Invoice Factoring

There is ample confusion among the public regarding the difference between factoring and invoice factoring, due in large part to the language and additionally the many similarities. In this article, we will explain both processes and elucidate their main differences.    Invoice Factoring Invoice factoring, sometimes called invoice discounting, is the process of selling ready[…]

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Why use factoring companies

  Factoring and invoice discounting are extremely useful and powerful financial instruments to unlock capital without needing to take out complicated loans. They are distinct but similar financial products which involve the sale of unpaid invoices to a third-party financial company to facilitate efficient cash flow and maintain solvency in hard times. In this article,[…]

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Who needs factoring

  Factoring is a highly useful financial instrument which was once reserved for businesses on their last legs. Today, it is utilised by a wide array of companies. Factoring is one instrument that is renowned for supporting the growth cycle of new, small and rapidly expanding businesses. It leverages capital from unpaid invoices and involves[…]

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What factoring companies do

  Factoring is a financial instrument that is becoming increasingly popular among Australian and international businesses across a variety of industries. It utilizes the capital of debtors in unpaid invoices to create cash flow for your business. Third-party financial companies enter into an agreement to manage your sales ledger, and pay forward a substantial percentage[…]