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At Working Capital Finance we have one goal – to give smash repairers quick access to their money that’s tied up in insurance invoices waiting to be paid.

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Access Cash From Your Unpaid Insurance Invoices Faster

Are you a smash repair company in Australia that’s sick of waiting for cash from  unpaid invoices? Is the waiting period for insurance invoices to be paid hurting your business? With Working Capital Finance, you can get access to cash from your unpaid invoices faster. This gives you more working capital use in your business to complete jobs and keep customers happy.

We can give you access to your money the next day, or even the same day, with the power of invoice factoring and discounting.

How Factoring Delivers your Money Faster

Invoice factoring and invoice discounting is the process of selling your invoices. Like any other asset in your business, your invoices for completed repairs are an asset you can sell.  The process is simple:

Meet Our Invoice Factoring Specialists

Working Capital Finance is a specialist invoice factoring company for smash repairers Australia wide.  We focus solely on factoring and invoice discounting for the smash repair industry across Australia.

Since 2005, Working Capital Finance has been helping panel beaters, mechanics, auto shops, crash repairers and panel & paint shops to access the money they have tied up in insurance invoices.

Kim Jacobs and his team are the most experienced and most professional smash repait factors in Australia.  Both the Motor Traders Association of New Soth Wales and the MTA of South Australia were Foundation Shareholders of Working Capital Finance.

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