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We consciously aim to be the lowest cost Factor for Smash Repairers in Australia so that Smash Repairers get the benefit. Everyone’s money is the same. The way we help our customers is by keeping our costs down and passing the savings on to them.


Our sole focus is on Smash Repairers. They are the lifeblood of our organization. Without their support we will die. That is why we have the Smash Repairer MTA’s as shareholders (note: so far just the MTA’s of NSW and SA but more will follow).


We like our customers. We like doing business with Smash Repairers. We try and keep it informal and low key. We treat people as they treat us.


We understand money is usually needed urgently in any business. There are always bills to pay. We do our best to get cash to customers the next day or in two hours if you really need it, even for our brand new customers who have just signed up


We are on the side of the Smash Repairer. We want to help Smash Repairers drive their business harder and grow rather than have cash tied up in Debtors waiting for the Insurers to get around to paying them.